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End the Death Penalty

Clean our Conscience and Our Pocketbooks

This is a charged issue that evokes strong emotions either for or against. I am against using our tax dollars to kill people. 


Those who have committed heinous crimes should and need to be punished accordingly, but it is not a government’s job to act as executioner. 

We are one of 24 states that still use the death penalty, and it costs us: spiritually AND economically.

In Ohio right now, there are 128 people on death row. That costs us $128-384 Million. What a gross waste.

They have already inflicted incredible harm on our society, why should we allow these people to hurt us in our pocketbooks, too?

We can save at least $30 million a year by simply imprisoning those on death row for life. The increased vigilance and security required for these inmates, the constant procedures, double checks and triple checks, the purchase and transport of the lethal injections and more, is what causes the death penalty to be so uneconomical.

Of the 56 people who have been killed in Ohio by the death penalty, 11 more were set to be killed, but then were found to be innocent. 


Let’s clean our conscience and our pocketbooks.

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