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Frequently Asked Questions

Until we meet, here are some answers to a few questions you might have.


"Can Independents win?"


In this district, over 539,000 people are registered to vote. In the 2022 congressional race, only 215,710 people voted.

So, more than half of voters did not believe their voice will matter in the congressional race. The current Congresswoman won the race with only 31% of the total voting population supporting her.

In addition, over 68% of registered voters in this district are not affiliated with a political party.

In 2024's Congressional race, I guarantee your vote will matter.


"Why are you so focused on Election Day and voting?"


These are the basics, and they still are not complete.

Election Day should already be a Federal Holiday. It is the most important day of the year. We decide who we believe is best suited to advance our society, by making the best rules to protect us from harm and empowering us to thrive.

Voting is a right we should not take for granted. We get to decide who leads us when so many people around the world today do not have this opportunity. We MUST utilize it.

Through many silent prayers, heavy sighs, hushed whispers and loud shouts, each of us has acknowledged, in one way or another, that we are not in a good spot right now in this country. We feel it; in our wallets, in our conversations with loved ones, and in the way we see our nation & the world around us.

Maximizing our fundamental rights of voting for the right people is more essential than ever, and the more people who vote, the better chance we'll have of finding the right people to serve our nation for our collective advancement.


"What is Congress?"


Congress is made up of two bodies: The House of Representatives and the Senate.

House: Serve 2 year terms, must be 25 years old. 435 members.

Senate: Serve 6 year terms, must be 30 years old. 100 members.

I am running for House of Representatives to represent You and your interests.


"What should we do about the border?"


Put ourselves in their shoes.

Regardless of what the news or politicians say and mean, immigrants are people. 

Please, take a moment and ask yourself: "What would it take, to travel thousands of miles, without your family, with all your belongings in whatever you can carry, with the high likelihood, whether you're a man or woman, that you will be abused, raped, beaten or even murdered, just to reach a country where they speak a language you do not know, where you are made to feel unwanted, and you have to spend every second of every day on edge -- nervous that any infraction might get you sent away to a prison or to another country you do not understand.

That is the desperate state millions of people find themselves in today. 

I believe we should focus our energy not on the end of the problem, when migrants are already at the border or in the U.S., but instead find ways to encourage people to stay home and build lives in their communities. 

Between 2014 and 2022, the U.S. gave $1.2B to Honduras. That is A LOT of money; why haven't things drastically changed? The Honduran president during that time, Juan Orlando Hernández, turned out to be a drug trafficker who took money from El Chapo and the Sinaloan cartel. 

When we give money to other countries, we need to ensure it reaches its intended purpose, and the best way to do that, as we learned in 2020 through our stimulus checks, is to give funds directly to the people.

If we want to encourage people to stay home, we should use our aid dollars to give them the resources they need to build in their communities. We can monitor how the funds are used, restrict the ability for the funds to be turned to cash, and halt US aid payments to individuals who are caught by Border Patrol. 

There are many more solutions necessary to solve this complex problem, but I believe this method limits the amount of people traveling to the border, offers migrants dignity to grow and build in their home countries, and preserves their families. A strong Central and South America leads to a stronger United States of America.


"How old are you?"


Old enough to run.

Our Founding Fathers believed once you turned 25 as a US citizen, you were capable of the responsibility that comes with governing. More than ever, we need new, young leaders to steer this great nation back on the course of prosperity. 

This district is overflowing with knowledgeable, talented people who understand what needs to be done. By gathering over 2,500 signatures, I have put myself in the position to put our district's collective wisdom and experience into concrete legislation. 

It would be a great honor to serve the people of this District.

And to answer your question, I am 27.


"Pro Life or Pro Choice?"


I Voted for Issue 1.

Last November, I voted with over 74% of our community in favor of Issue 1 because it provides the best compromise we can ask for: Women are given the right to choose, until the baby can survive outside the womb (called fetal viability). 

What is often lost in these conversations is the common foundation we all share. We all want to protect our loved ones and ensure that no one has to go through the trauma and pain that comes from abortion. ​


"What is your stance on guns?"


The 2nd Amendment is here to stay, and we need better rules.

Whether you like it or not, the 2nd Amendment is here to stay. It is an important rule based on our country's history, and one that would be very difficult to change.

What we can and should do is ensure these weapons are not in the hands of dangerous individuals, like domestic abusers and convicted criminals. At the same time, responsible individuals need to be held to a high standard of safety, so that these weapons do not end up in the hands of children or cause unecessary harm. Policies include:

  • Requiring a permit to carry

  • Renewing the assault weapon ban

    • Existed in the U.S. from 1994-2004​

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