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The Fastest Way To End Russia's Invasion

Knowledge is Power; Give the People Power

So far, the United States has sent more than $75 Billion to Ukraine with no end in sight.

While we support Ukraine with immediate needs, we must find ways to end the war. A conflict like this requires a shift in culture and public view, which takes time, but is not impossible in our technological world. Access to the truth enables action. We can give the Russian people the truth they need for action with just $6 Billion.

Currently, Russia’s government is restricting their people’s access to over 138,000 websites. Since the government launched the invasion of Ukraine last February 2022, Putin has banned political outsiders like BBC News, communication apps like WeChat, and many more. Even Spotify is not accessible!

About 88% of Russia’s population is on the internet, but with only state-controlled media left for people to use, it is challenging for Russian people to see the full story of this war.

Yubikeys let you connect to the internet from anywhere. Even if you are in Russia, you could use a Yubikey to connect to the internet from a different country, giving you the internet as if you were outside of Russia.

Considering there’s around 125 million Russians connected to the internet, and Yubikeys can cost around $50, giving Russians access to the full story of the war would cost $6.25 Billion.

Not all Russians are supporting this war effort in Ukraine. There will always be those who will stick by their military (even if it is their lives on the line), but the majority of people live in the middle, swayed by what they know.

This may not end the war tomorrow, but in time, access to the truth will win more hearts and minds than state-sponsored media.

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