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Make Jury Duty Worth Your Time

Be Paid to Fulfill Your American Duty, Not Dread It

In the 11th District of Ohio, jurors are given $27 per day of duty. Simultaneously, Ohio state law does not require employers to pay their employees who take on jury duty. Ohio is one of 15 states that say employers can not force employees to use a personal day in order to attend jury duty, but jurors still walk away with only $27 for a day’s work.

No wonder no one likes the idea of Jury Duty. This is supposed to be a process leading to civic participation in fair trails, but who would want to participate when you interrupt your daily work and potentially frustrate your employer to make just $27?

Across the nation, employees should be given their full wages without having to take personal days while on jury duty.


The best requirements, combining current state rules, are:

  • The employee must show their employer the court summons the workday after receiving the call to jury duty.

  • If a company has fewer than 10 employees, only one employee can be at jury duty at a time. If there is more than one employee called in, their jury duty can be postponed or rescheduled.

This creates an efficient jury duty system, where people do not fear a civic duty and taxpayers save on paying jurors $27 or more each day to attend jury duty.

Currently, only Alabama, Georgia and Nebraska offer full paid leave for the length of the trail. Let’s guarantee all Americans this right!

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