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Independent Candidate Sean Freeman Joins Ohio District 11 Congressional Race

For Immediate Release:

26 MARCH 2024 – CLEVELAND, OH: The Freeman for Congress campaign is pleased to announce that Sean Freeman has secured enough verified signatures to enter the U.S. Congressional race in Ohio’s District 11. With the help of volunteers, Freeman collected 5,079 signatures over approximately 200 days between March 4, 2023 and March 3, 2024. Sean Freeman will appear on the ballot as an Independent candidate in the November general election.

Independent candidates for Congress in Ohio are required to collect signatures equivalent to one percent of the total gubernatorial voting population from the district in its last general election. Based on 2022 voting results in District 11, Freeman required 2,190 valid signatures. Majority party candidates require 50 valid signatures to qualify, while minority candidates require just 25. 

Of the 5,079 signatures collected, 2,819 were verified by the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections. Freeman collected signatures from residents in 31 of the 33 cities, villages and townships in District 11. Through year end 2023, Freeman for Congress raised $5,090.57 and spent $4,281.55, a ratio of $0.84 spent for each collected signature.

“Over the last year, I had thousands of conversations with Cuyahoga County residents who are excited by an alternative to the two-party system with policies everyone can get behind. This experience has shown that when the facts are clear and participating is simple, anyone can engage in the process.”

“I am grateful for the continued opportunity to engage District 11 voters by meeting them where they are. By listening to their needs, desires and dreams, rather than focusing solely on the priorities of our established political parties, I hope to help make our community and our country work better for generations to come.”

Sean Freeman is a graduate of John Carroll University. A Chicago native, he is inspired by the community and grit in Northeast Ohio and is proud to call Cleveland home. 

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