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Key Headlines of June 24 - June 30, 2024

However you get your news, here are a few stories that stood out in local, state, federal and international news.

Ohio Statehouse Passes $4.2 Billion Capital Budget & Other Measures Before Summer Break

  • Some state expenditures for Ohio’s District 11 included:

    • $20 million for the Cleveland land bridge

    • $8 million for the Bedrock Riverfront Development

    • $7 million for the Rock Hall

    • $3.5 million for the Flats River Development

    • $1 million for the Cleveland Women’s Pro Soccer Stadium

  • State Legislatures passed the Enact Campus Act, which requires "public and private colleges and universities to adopt and enforce a policy regarding racial, religious and ethnic harassment and intimidation” in response to a rise in antisemitic incidents.

  • Expungement opportunities were expanded for human trafficking survivors to help them recover and become independent after their harrowing experiences.

  • Price fixing teacher licensure fees to avoid increasing payments, a bill prohibiting sextortion, and a bill naming the walleye Ohio’s official state fish are each a step closer to becoming law after passing in the Ohio House.

  • Signal Cleveland conducted a report on SBAR Holdings LLC, an inactive Florida-based company, which has purchased more than 160 homes in the Cleveland area before selling all but one home to overseas investors.

  • “In a few cases, [the homes] were sold to new investors who fixed them up, but many ended up in worse condition. Two burned down and others were condemned” or demolished.

  • Congress should act to prevent companies from buying and trading homes, so that affordable prices and fair competition remain for people to purchase homes for themselves. A closer look at the data can be found here.

  • The Denver Basic Income Project “provided direct cash payments to over 800 Coloradans experiencing homelessness.”

  • “Results showed 45% of participants secured housing [within 18 months], while $589,214 was saved in public service costs.”

  • "Individuals experienced fewer emergency room visits, nights spent in a hospital or a temporary shelter, and [fewer] jail stays." 

  • People spent the no-strings-attached funds on transportation, hygiene, clothes, and groceries. In addition, they were able to secure better-paying jobs and spend more time with their families.

  • In Columbus and Cleveland, everyone survived. Dayton experienced the loss of at least one community member.

  • Columbus “requires gun owners to lock up their guns around children when they aren’t using them and has banned magazines that can hold 30 or more rounds of ammunition. However, [the city] can’t enforce [these rules] due to ongoing litigation.”

  • “Dayton-area state Rep. Tom Young, R-Washington Township, said his community’s shooting is awful but that gun restrictions are not the way to fix the problem.” 

  • “In a nonpartisan statewide survey done in 2023 by USA TODAY Network/Suffolk University, about 90% of Ohioans supported mandatory background checks, and 75% wanted safe storage and red-flag laws. The nonpartisan Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health mirrored the results, adding that more than 70% of Americans want there to be a permit process for people to buy a gun. The nonpartisan Pew Research Center found that 60% of Republicans and 91% of Democrats oppose the ability to carry concealed firearms without a permit."

  • After two previous unsuccessful launches, “a year behind schedule and $1.5 billion over budget,” Boeing-NASA’s ‘Starliner’ launched into space on June 5th. 

  • Originally planned to be an 8-day mission, the Starliner has experienced ‘technical difficulties’ that has left 2 astronauts at the International Space Station orbiting around Earth.

  • Thought of a return will not commence until after a spacewalk scheduled for today, July 2nd. Look up today, and you might just see Barry Wilmore and Sunita Williams walking across the sky.

  • In a worst-case scenario, Wilmore and Williams have the ability to hitch a ride back home on “SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft, which is also currently attached to the International Space Station on the opposite side.”

  • News of technical difficulties comes on the heels of more emerging problems with Boeing, from flights gone array to the sudden deaths of two Boeing whistleblowers in the last few months.

Honorable Mention:

  • “President Joe Biden will pardon U.S. military veterans who were discharged or convicted under military law for consensual same-sex relations.” 

  • “The convictions were enforced under a military law that prohibited certain types of sex from May 1951 to December 2013.”

  • Under this law, Article 125 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, forceful sex with minors and animals was listed in the same category as oral or anal sex with another person of the same or opposite sex.

  • "The Department of Justice has been instructed to flag any other clemency applications for veterans penalized for sexual orientation or gender identity under other military statutes."

  • “Guidance will be posted on the Department of Defense website for veterans to apply for proof they are eligible for pardon under the proclamation.”

  • While the exact number of veterans this measure will affect is unknown, it is an effective step towards righting our nation’s past wrongs that were committed against those who went above and beyond to protect us all from harm.

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